Connect your existing Management Information System (MIS)

Do you have a Management Information System (MIS) and want to connect up?

No problem! We provide a trusted, secure connection to communicate our online single central record with your Management Information System (MIS).

Our single central record (SCR) is connected through Groupcall which collects the data fields from 15 MIS systems and transfers them into your single central record. Groupcall is securely used by over 20,000 schools currently.

You only need to enter a new record once in your MIS system and click the button to transfer your staff record onto our online single central record.

Current MIS systems that integrate with Single Central Record (more to follow)


Step 1

Simply use current or insert new staff data into your existing MIS

Step 2

At a click of a button Groupcall takes your data securely, it then automatically feeds the information into your single central record

Step 3

Your data is now safely integrated and ready to view


Who are Groupcall?

Groupcall help organisations access the information they need to deliver the tools that over 20,000 schools and 65 Local Authorities count on to deliver their services, support learning, manage our schools and protect our young people.

Once a data sharing agreement between your school and ourselves is in place, the information is typically updated daily and regardless of the originating MIS (they have established relationships with all major MIS providers), the information is constantly delivered in the correct unified format.

The good news is that this service is available for all new and existing customers.  We also have a Groupcall expert to help guide you through the connection process.