Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

For a small annual fee, OnlineSCR can completely manage your single central record by accessing all your Safeguarding Recruitment Checks all under one roof. Our built-in automated emailing reminder system alerts you when checks are required, processes them, records them securely within your account and provides you with a certificate to say the checks have been completed. Your single central record will be kept completely up to date and in real time too!

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From the applicant’s perspective, on average it takes 5 minutes to complete. We ask the applicant to have their National Insurance number, 5-year address history, passport and driving licence details ready to save time when completing the online form. If they need any help, then don’t worry our helpful advisors are on hand to answer any queries along the way.

The applicant takes in their ID documentation to the ID checking person within your organisation, you simply login into the portal, complete the ID checking page and click submit – job done!

Please contact our team who will guide you through this process.

Call us on 0151 606 5101 or email OSCR@onlinescr.co.uk .

If you’re already a member, simply login to your account,  click the ‘Single Central Record’ tab from the main dashboard select a record to order the required check. You can also click the ‘Reminder Notification’ tab for an overview of which DBS checks are required.

There are two turnaround times to consider:

1) How quickly we submit your application to the DBS.

We submit 90% of all applications to the DBS in just 1 hour!

2)  How quickly the DBS process the application.

The DBS timescales can vary, but rest assured as soon as the DBS have finished processing the results of the checks they are submitted back to you within 1 hour. In 2017, the DBS processed 37% of all Enhanced Disclosures within 1 day. 64% within 7 days and 79% within 14 days.

Our fastest enhanced disclosure was completed and disclosed in just 26 minutes!!!

The government fee is £44 for an enhanced DBS check. We then apply a very competitive administrative fee of £8.00. Including VAT, the total cost is just £53.60.

Please note you will need to become a member for OnlineSCR to be able to use this service.

Single Central Record Ltd use our sister company Access Personal Checking Services  (APCS) who are one of the fastest providers of DBS checks, their fastest DBS disclosure result being just 26 minutes!

APCS submit in excess of 100,000 criminal record checks per year and with a client base of over 10,000 companies, they are the largest supplier of criminal record checks in the North West of England and one of the largest in the UK!

Built on 15 years’ experience, they developed their own independent online system that is uniquely connected electronically to the DBS and Disclosure Scotland, resulting in the fastest possible results in the UK, enabling their customers to speed up their recruitment processes.

Working in connection with the DBS, APCS were the first organisation in the UK to provide Basic Disclosures to applicants living in England and Wales!

Their clients are from a wide range of business sectors; from small local residential homes and nurseries, local authorities, NHS trusts, schools, recruitment companies, to TV companies, airlines and much more.

Single Central Record Ltd have an API that is linked directly into APCS’s systems.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) was launched in March 2002, due to public concern about the safety of children, youths and defenceless adults. On 1st December 2012, the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged to form the Disclosing and Barring service (DBS). DBS is an executive non-departmental public body of the Home Office and helps employers make suitable recruitment decisions, carrying out DBS checks online allows educational establishments to safeguard their organisation by preventing unsuitable candidates from working with vulnerable people.

For more information on the DBS, please visit their website here.

The following organisations must carry out DBS checks:

  • Academies
  • Alternative provision Academies
  • Independent Schools
  • Free Schools
  • Maintained Schools
  • Pupil referral units
  • Colleges
  • Non-maintained special schools
  • Nurseries schools
  • Education Recruitment/Agency companies

The Department for Education Statutory guidance, in accordance with the “Keeping Children Safe in Education” confirms all members of staff must have an enhanced DBS check, this should also be recorded on your single central record.

For most appointments, an enhanced DBS certificate, which includes barred list information, will be required as the majority of staff will be engaging in regulated activity. In summary, a person will be considered to be engaging in regulated activity if, as a result of their work, they:

  • will be responsible, on a regular basis in a school or college, for teaching, training instructing, caring for or supervising children; or
  • will carry out paid, or unsupervised unpaid, work regularly in a school or college where that work provides an opportunity for contact with children; or
  •  engage in intimate or personal care or overnight activity, even if this happens only once.

For all other staff who have an opportunity for regular contact with children, but are not engaging in regulated activity an enhanced DBS certificate, which does not include a barred list check, will be appropriate. This would include contractors who would have the opportunity for contact with children and who work under a temporary or occasional contract.

  • Enhanced: this provides information about convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer (PNC), regardless or not of whether they are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The law allows for certain old and minor matters to be filtered out; this check can also contain any additional information held by the police which a chief officer reasonably believes to be relevant and considers ought to be disclosed; and
  • Enhanced with barred list check: where people are working or seeking to work in regulated activity with children, this allows for an additional check to be made as to whether the person appears on the children’s barred list.

Want us to manage your single central record?

Working alongside Heads, Schools and various Consultants we have successfully built and implemented a brand new state of the art system, an advanced data storage facility that keeps you up to date on all mandatory checks that are required to be recorded on your Single Central Record.
onlineSCR is a faster, more reliable and efficient system than a standard spreadsheet, with our built-in automated emailing reminder system that alerts you when all mandatory checks are required and then records them securely within your account.

The system also allows you to order all our additional services such as Children’s Barred List (List 99) Checks, Qualified Teacher Status checks, Prohibition checks, EEA checks, Section 128 checks as set out in our services list. All results are automatically fed back into your Single Central Record from all additional checks ordered.

For an additional cost, our Import Facility takes your current single central record spreadsheet and transfers the information into your OnlineSCR account. This facility gives us the opportunity to audit your current single central record and flag up any missing records or checks.

Working with our partners at APCS we also offer an online checking service for DBS certificates which have been placed on the ‘DBS Update Service’ those results will be emailed to you as often as you require.