What we do for you

We carry out an in-depth manual audit of your single central record, highlighting all the missing information and inform you of the missing checks. We also provide a full written explanation of our findings and educate using the best practice.
4 Simple Steps:

  1. Send us your current SCR data securely in an excel spreadsheet.
  2. We carry out a full audit.
  3. We send your SCR back with a full written audit.
  4. Your SCR is now ready for Ofsted/ISI inspection.

Cost depends on the volume of data, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Fastrack auditing available for schools who have their inspections imminently.

Over the last 5 years we have been listening to schools. One of the many issues they have raised is the panic they experience in making sure their single central record is up to date when Ofsted/ISI inspection is due. Over the past 2 years alone, we have audited hundreds of single central records up and down the country and alarmingly not one has been 100% complete.

School say that their current Management Information Systems (MIS) don’t cover the SCR section very well, and most schools keep a separate single central record in excel format, either because it is better managed that way, or that they cannot afford an MIS system due to the size of the school. Schools say that both systems (their existing MIS and/or Excel spreadsheet) have problems with missing data, missing checks and they are often not 100% sure about which checks need to be carried out on the different staff types who work or volunteer within their school.


Want us to manage your single central record?

Working alongside Heads, Schools and various Consultants we have successfully built and implemented a brand new state of the art system, an advanced data storage facility that keeps you up to date on all mandatory checks that are required to be recorded on your Single Central Record.
onlineSCR is a faster, more reliable and efficient system than a standard spreadsheet, with our built-in automated emailing reminder system that alerts you when all mandatory checks are required and then records them securely within your account.

The system also allows you to order all our additional services such as Children’s Barred List (List 99) Checks, Qualified Teacher Status checks, Prohibition checks, EEA checks, Section 128 checks as set out in our services list. All results are automatically fed back into your Single Central Record from all additional checks ordered.

For an additional cost, our Import Facility takes your current single central record spreadsheet and transfers the information into your OnlineSCR account. This facility gives us the opportunity to audit your current single central record and flag up any missing records or checks.

Working with our partners at APCS we also offer an online checking service for DBS certificates which have been placed on the ‘DBS Update Service’ those results will be emailed to you as often as you require.