There should be no higher priority for any educational establishment than child safety. Whether this is making sure the corridors are clean and tidy, adequate supervision during activities or taking every possible measure to ensure the employees of the school and any sub-contractors are fully vetted before working with young or vulnerable people.

Keeping the premises tidy and providing adequate supervision for curricular and extra-curricular activities is easy enough to manage and facilitate but what about the employees themselves? There have many published cases in recent years where basic employee vetting protocol has been overlooked and resulted in barred people working with children. How can this be allowed to happen? Some of these cases can be directly attributed to the convoluted systems currently in place and a lack of adequate training for those involved in the recruitment of staff.

How Can the Employee Vetting System for Schools be Simplified?

Here at onlineSCR we have developed a successful, relatively simple, online resource that allows anyone involved in recruiting staff for schools to check and fully vet all potential employees to ensure they are permitted to work with or in close proximity to children. Previously the administration for such a function involved spreadsheets and dealing with one or more external bodies including Ofsted and the Department of Education and basically taking up a lot of time that could be spent concentrating on the core functions of school rather going through the arduous process of vetting potential employees.

How onlineSCR can help you?

As previously mentioned, centralising your current Single Central Record using our system is relatively straightforward. The first step is log into onlineSCR and register your school or other educational establishment. When this has been completed you simply access your Single Central Record through our 24/7 online portal which is fully compliant with all Ofsted and ISI requirements as set out by the Department of Education ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ guidance. There are options to add additional admin staff and schools if required.

The Main Benefits for Your School

As previously touched upon, the main benefits of our onlineSCR portal is to save time, increase efficiency and ensure compliance with existing and any new guidelines or legislation.  Keeping children safe is obviously the main priority but all of the aforementioned benefits combined with the fact that the school can avoid any negative publicity that can arise in the event of an ‘incident’ as a result of mis-administration are obviously attractive attributes for any school.

If our system is something that you think your school could adopt, please contact us for a no obligation discussion. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the feasibility of onlineSCR for your particular establishment and can also make recommendations if required. You can also get more specific information on the services we offer by checking the relevant pages of our site or calling us on 0151 606 5101.

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