Policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

DBS Enhanced, Standard and Basic Disclosures

It is a requirement that all employers must treat DBS applicants who have a criminal record fairly and do not discriminate because of a conviction or other information revealed.

It also obliges employers to have a written policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders; a copy of which can be given to DBS applicants at the outset of the recruitment process.

To help you meet this requirement the DBS has produced a sample policy statement which can be used or adapted for this purpose.

You can also direct applicants to the guidance and criteria on the filtering of old and minor cautions and convictions which are now ‘protected’ so not subject to disclosure to employers on the DBS website.

This policy statement can also be included within your company’s Equal Opportunities policy.

Basic Disclosures – Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland have provided a sample policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders to ensure all applicants are treated fairly, and organisations are not discriminating against any information revealed on their disclosure. A copy of the policy can be found on the Disclosure Scotland website, please click here.

February 2018

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