Management Information System (MIS) Integration

Online Single Central Record connects to almost any Management Information System.
Do you have a Management Information System (MIS) and want to connect up?

No problem! We provide a trusted, secure connection to communicate our online single central record with your Management Information System (MIS).

Our single central record (SCR) is connected through Groupcall which collects the data fields from 15 MIS systems and transfers them into your single central record. Groupcall is securely used by over 18,000 schools currently.

You only need to enter a new record once in your MIS system and click the button to transfer your staff record onto our online single central record.

DBS API Integration

Our bespoke API integrates directly with your system to automate your DBS checks.
Single Central Record have developed a bespoke API allowing your company to use our system to fully automate your DBS checks. Having access to our fast turnaround times will allow your company to make faster, more informed recruitment decisions. Through the API you can order customised checks for your exact business requirements.

The relevant details for each employee are simply inputted into the API and then forwarded directly to Single Central Record. The check results are then automatically fed back into the API as soon as we receive them.

Development of the API will incur a charge which will depend upon the exact services required. This will be discussed between you and our development team so that the API package can be tailored to your exact needs.
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