Subject Access Request

Please make sure you:

  • read the guidance notes
  • complete the form in block capitals and black ink
  • complete the appropriate sections


Please note that SCR do not provide subject access information on disclosure information, barring information or disclosure & barring information.


For subject access with the disclosure & barring service please click here:-


For Disclosure Scotland, you can call 03000 2000 40 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm), or write to:

Corporate Governance
Disclosure Scotland
PO Box 250
G51 1YU

Or alternatively visit their website:-


Please read these guidance notes fully before filling in the form. The notes contain important information about how the form should be completed.

1 Your right of subject access – Single Central Record Ltd

You are entitled to be told if the Single Central Record (SCR) holds any information about you and if so to be provided with a copy of that information. This is called the ‘Right of Subject Access’. When you make an application for subject access to SCR, we must:

  • tell you whether we hold any data on you; and
  • give you a copy of this data in a clear form.

We are required to fulfil your request within one month of receiving all of the following:

  • Subject Access application form;
  • sufficient documentation to verify your identity.

2 Verifying your identity

Before we are able to release any of your data, we must be sure of your identity. Your application must be accompanied by a minimum of two original pieces of official identity documentation which between them provide sufficient information to prove your name, date of birth, current address and signature. Examples of this are:

Document 1 Passport or driving licence (must be valid)

Document 2 Bank statement or Utility Bill (must be issued within last 3 months)

The above documents must be originals. We will not accept photocopies. We advise that you send in your identity documents via secure means. Your documents will be held securely by SCR, and sent back to you as soon as we have verified your identity. Your documents will be returned via secure delivery.

3 Completing the Application Form

The application form has been designed for ease of use. Please ensure that you complete all the necessary questions.

4 Contact details

Please send completed application forms to: Subject Access Department, Single Central Record Ltd, 46 Seaview Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH45 4LA

5 Subject Access Request Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the way your Subject access request application (SAR) has been processed and/or wish to dispute any information contained within the SAR information received you can request a review by the Data Protection Officer by using the contact details above. Please note: We are only able to amend information that is owned by SCR. If your dispute is relating to information that has been provided to us by a third party you will need to raise this separately with the owner of the information. Please note – SCR retain Subject Access information for a maximum of 6 months in case of review. After 6 months the copy of the Subject Access information is securely destroyed.

To download the Subject Access Request form Click here

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