The perfect Single Central Record solution

It's vital that your school complies with the Department for Education Statutory guidance in line with the “Keeping Children Safe in Education” legislation.

This can be an onerous task that takes many hours of admin work.
For this reason, we have designed and developed OnlineSCR, the UK’s first online single central record system.
ISO 27001 Certified
Simple to use
Screenshot of the main overview screenOnline Single Central Record running on a tablet

Single Central Record

The complete, automated solution

Eliminate human error and remove the need to copy and paste information between systems.
Compared to a standard spreadsheet, OnlineSCR is a faster, more accurate system. It features an email reminder system that alerts you when you need to complete any mandatory checks.

We have designed our Single Central Record system alongside headteacher, schools and educational consultants. This makes it easy for any educational establishment in the UK to use our Single Central Record solution to cover all members of staff and volunteers.
Despite the advanced functionality that our solution has to offer, it is very simple to use and easy to access from any location. New features and security updates are regularly added by our development team. This leaves your administration team free to focus on their core responsibilities.

We're proud to have received glowing testimonials from Multi Academy Trusts and schools across the UK. We've built an enviable reputation for reliability and our support is second-to-none. We're also the most affordable solution on the market. This means that we can help your educational establishment to meet its legal obligations without placing an unnecessary strain on your budget.

The Best Single Central Record Solution for UK Educational Establishments

We're a well-established and experienced provider with modern, cloud based software. We are also an ISO 27001 certified company. For this reason, we are the ideal partner for schools and colleges that wish to be fully Ofsted and ISI compliant.

As well as our advanced record keeping, you can also take advantage of the additional checks that we offer. These include Online DBS, Qualified Teacher Status, Section 128 and Prohibition checks. All results are automatically fed back into your Single Central Record with no extra admin work required. Working with our partners at APCS, we also offer an online checking service for DBS certificates. This checks for certificates which have been placed on the DBS Update Service.
Single Central Record trust overview screen
Trust Overview

Instantly know if you're inspectorate ready!

No matter how many schools you're responsible for, our system makes it easy to see at a glance if you're inspectorate ready.

Our Trust/Top Level Overview screen shows all of your schools and their inspectorate ready status. Once you've identified any issues, you can remedy them with a few clicks.
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Full Single Central Record audit

We carry out an in-depth manual audit of your single central record, highlighting all the missing information and inform you of the missing checks. We also provide a full written explanation of our findings and educate using the best practice.
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Screenshot of the SCR overview screen in the Single Central Record system
Screenshot of the main overview screen

Fully automated online single central record

We will upload your current single central record into our software. Our system audits your SCR 24/7 flagging up all areas that require attention to ensure you are fully compliant. Our colour coded system allows you to clearly see the current status of all your checks.
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Easy Ordering

Order recruitment checks directly

Our systems are directly connected to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and other regulatory bodies. Request checks at a click of a button. We carry out the checks for you and populate the results back into your single central record automatically, saving time and completely eliminating input errors.
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Screenshot of the order checks screen
Screenshot of the Disclosure Applications that need ID Checking screen

Customised reminder system

Our built-in reminder system automatically flags up checks that are expiring and require renewals. Checks currently in progress can also be tracked to assess which stage they are at. We also provide a weekly reminder email to highlight areas of your single central record which require attention to keep you on track for your inspections.
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Free telephone and remote support

We provide free ongoing telephone and remote support as and when you need us.

Our educational experts will provide advice and guidance to aid you in staying Ofsted and ISI compliant.
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Free Telephone and E-Mail Support
Screenshot of the Additional Checks screen of the Single Central Record system

Fully customisable for your Educational Establishment.

Our bespoke system covers all school and staff types. Customise the required checks and renewal periods for each staff type to suit your schools safeguarding practices. One off checks can even be ordered for contractors or temporary staff.
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Stay in control

Stay in control of your single central record by amending user rights, fully manage what your staff can access and amend.

Unlimited users can be added to the account and our report log provides details of who has logged in and when.
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Screenshot of Login Attempts screen of the Single Central Record system

Key Features
of Single Central Record

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  • Upload/Transfer your existing excel single central record.
  • Order checks at a simple click of a button.
  • Checks include: Online DBS, Prohibition, Section 128, QTS and DBS update service.
  • Results automatically upload back into your online single central record – certification
    provided with results.
  • Covers all staff types in accordance with Ofsted or ISI guidelines.
  • Instantly know if you’re inspectorate ready!
  • Easily switch between schools within your Multi Academy Trust.
  • Transfer/Share records between schools.
  • Transfer existing data from your current MIS system.
  • Stay in control, create user rights, fully manage what your staff can access and amend.
  • Unlimited users can be added to the account.
  • Notifies you when action is required and when checks are due. Minimises manual errors and saves time!
  • SCR Sign-Off
  • Dedicated telephone support and remote support for total peace of mind.
  • Fully customisable for your Educational Establishment.
  • Statutory Policies and Documents.


Single Central Record is more than just a system to organise your checks. You can order a range of checks from within the system with just a few clicks!

Social Media Checks

The Department of Education have updated the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance which means that social media and online reputation screening are now recommended for prospective staff in England.
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Adverse Media (Internet) Checks

Our Adverse Media Checks provide a detailed review of an individual's online presence, drawing from multiple sources to ensure a thorough background screening. This service is especially relevant for schools, following the Department of Education's updated recommendation for online reputation screening of prospective staff.
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DBS Checks

For a small annual fee, OnlineSCR can completely manage your single central record by accessing all your Safeguarding Recruitment Checks all under one roof.
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Qualified Teacher Status checks

QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) checks is a check that ensures the applicant have achieved the required teaching standards in England and Wales to work as a teacher of children in state schools under local authority control, and in special education schools.
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Prohibition Checks

A Prohibition from teaching check also referred as a prohibition check covers the requirements for Ofsted and ISI requirements. This check is a requirement for teaching staff in accordance with the “Keeping children safe in education” by the Department for Education guidance.
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Section 128 Checks

The Section 128 checks the names of individuals who have been barred from taking part in the management of any independent school under the terms of a direction made by the Secretary of State for Education.
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DBS Update Check

The DBS update service check identifies whether there has been any change to the information recorded since the initial certificate was issued and advise whether the individual should apply for a new certificate.
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SCR Full Audit

We carry out an in-depth manual audit of your single central record, highlighting all the missing information and inform you of the missing checks.
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Statutory Policies and Documents

This feature allows you to create your school’s statutory policies and document library for all the different ‘Staff Types’ within your school, it then allows you to set expiry/review periods on the documents (if required).
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