The Royal School, Haslemere

We recently implemented the online SCR system within our School, and we have found it to be extremely beneficial.

It is much easier to use than our previous excel system, and we can now identify missing information with ease, and ensure we remain compliant at all times.

We have recently undergone and passed a full compliance inspection of our HR records, and we were able to demonstrate compliance easily using the online tool coupled with our paper records.

They provide unlimited telephone and remote support, and we have found their team to be very helpful and responsive.

I can highly recommend this online tool to other schools, I would definitely not be without it.

Susan Allibone
HR Manager

The Royal School

Calday Grange Grammar School

When we first decided to look into going on line with our SCR, we were of course a little apprehensive. We didn’t need to be!
From the original meeting where we discussed what the service would provide, through to the daunting task of transferring our data, the process was smooth and transparent with a supportive team on hand answering any queries along the way.
Following the recent implementation of the online SCR the benefits are already noticeable. The speed and accuracy of the service has been excellent. We have confidence in the knowledge that we are meeting all the required checks, and that we are compliant in our statutory obligations where safeguarding is concerned.
It is still early days for us however; I would urge any school to seriously consider moving to this system. It not only saves on administration time, it is also very easy to use and an accurate snapshot of your SCR at the click of a button.

Wirral Hospitals’ School

As a hospital school with many different professionals working with our students at any given time, we have a large and varying staff list that needs to be on our SCR.

The workload to keep this up to date at all times was ever increasing and was proving to be difficult and time-consuming.
We required a more user-friendly solution, ideally one that would alert us to any updates or checks to be made, dependent on the role of the individual, instead of us being required to constantly manually check the SCR ourselves.

In addition, the introduction of GDPR and frequent changes to safeguarding guidelines regarding the different categories of individuals working with young people, were an additional challenge.

Having used SCR for our online DBS applications, and always having been impressed with the speed, simplicity and accuracy of the service, we decided to explore their new online SCR system, which automatically updates from the online DBS applications. We invited them in to explain the system and were instantly impressed with the layout, simplicity and functionality of it.

After registering for the on line SCR, the task of transferring our existing data felt like a daunting task, but in reality, proved to be a simple and smooth process. We sent an encrypted version of our existing Excel SCR, which was then uploaded by their team to the on line portal. Although this proved that we were already fully compliant with statutory requirements, this resulted in us discovering some areas that were in need of attention in order to ensure that we met best practice guidelines.

Throughout the transition, and ever since, the team have been fully supportive, always available, and extremely helpful in training our ongoing development in the use of the system. We have chosen to utilise it to its full extent, but would have required ·very little support had we simply been looking to be fully compliant, due to the simplicity of the system.
Moving to Online SCR has been a fantastic move for our school. The time saved from our admin team far outweighs the cost of the system, which represents exceptional value for money. All aspects of our safeguarding record keeping, from recruitment to ongoing DBS checks and updates, are faster, smoother and more detailed than ever before. It is impossible to put a price on safeguarding children, but this system is definitely worth the cost.

Golborne Community Primary School

In September, we signed up to Single Central Record Ltd which has further ensured we are meeting all of the statutory checks, for anyone working with children at the school. The clear system has enabled us to save time on processing the necessary checks; keep well up to date well in advance of any renewals being required and further strengthened the culture of being vigilant at the school. The School Business Manager, the governors and I can easily check we are completely compliant.

We have already noticed a huge difference since using this system, in terms of reducing workload and also making sure nothing is ever missed on our Single Central Record. The extra support that comes with this package is excellent and any questions are answered swiftly and accurately. We would strongly recommend this product any school.