Since 2007 all 26,000 schools in England and Wales are required to maintain a single central record (SCR). An SCR is evidence that schools have carried out defined recruitment, vetting and ongoing vetting checks on the 2.5 million staff nationwide who work in them.

The problem schools face with their current single central record is the range of vetting checks. There are eight vetting checks in total which differ for the different types of staff a school employs. This leaves a daunting task for schools to manage their single central records as they typically have between 800-9600 vetting checks to manage. To complicate things further the single central record is different, depending on the type of school and so one size doesn’t fit all. It is hardly surprising that there wasn’t a school information management system in the market that covers this due to its sheer complexity. Schools therefore resulted in managing all this information on an excel spreadsheet.

To provide a solution to this complex issue, Single Central Record Ltd was created. Single Central Record’s UK based development team have custom-built their external and internal platforms and connected them up through other MIS systems. This enables schools to process DBS applications quickly and smoothly along with all other checks such as Children’s Barred List (List 99), Prohibition from Teaching, Section 128, European Economic Area (EEA) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) checks. The system has been designed from the ground up for easy navigation with all results automatically being fed back into the schools’ online Single Central Record.

Single Central Records’ CEO Mark Gardner said “It took us 4 incredible years of hard work and has been such a challenge to master the single central record. Since launching in September 2018, our early success has not come unnoticed. Within 11 months our product was being used by 126 schools around the country and schools’, both ISI and Ofsted regulated, have passed their inspections which is very rewarding”. Recent feedback has been from The Royal School, Haslemere who commented “We have recently undergone and passed a full compliance inspection of our HR records, and we were able to demonstrate compliance easily using the online tool coupled with our paper records. I can highly recommend this online tool to other schools, I would not be without it”.

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