A Section 128 checks the names of individuals who have been barred from partaking in the management of any independent school (including academies and free schools). This is directly according to the terms of a direction made by the Secretary of State for Education. Those who are prohibited are therefore unable to participate in any management of an independent school.

Can I carry out a Section 128 check on my staff?

The following staff members are considered to be in management positions and therefore eligible for the check:

  • headteachers;
  • all staff on the senior leadership team (including non-teaching);
  • teaching positions with departmental headship;
  • proprietors;

Please note that there is no specific definition available for ‘departmental headship’. Inspectors should therefore check that the school takes a reasonable approach in the context.

How do I apply for the Section 128 check?

Section 128 checks can be ordered here. The applicants full name and date of birth are required to complete the check.

When will I receive the Section 182 check result?

Orders received before 2.30pm will normally be processed within the same working day, whilst those received after this time will be processed on the next working day. The results of the checks are sent out by email as soon as a result has been attained. If you require results urgently, we offer the Fast Track service which guarantees a result within 2 hours of receipt of the order if made between 9am-3pm weekdays (excludes Bank Holidays).

What will the Section 128 check result show?

  1. ‘Clear’ – this means that the applicant can start work, subject to other necessary checks being conducted.
  2. If there is a match, management of an independent school is prohibited and we will contact you immediately to provide the relevant guidance.

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