The UK’s withdrawal from the EU has created a lot of changes within safeguarding children in education. Recent changes have been made within the consultation of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) that commenced on the 18th January 2021. EEA sanction checks were usually carried out to those who lived or worked outside of the UK coming from the EU. (Paragraphs 149 & 165 (bullet. 5), removed references to checking Teacher Services for EEA sanctions) as the UK now stands as an independent country.

Schools and Colleges must follow the amended guidance (Paragraph 172 KCSIE) provided by the Department of Education when hiring staff who are not UK or Irish nationalists. The individuals who have lived or worked outside of the UK must have an enhanced DBS certificate (including barred list information, for those who will be engaging in regulated activity) even if the individual has never been to the UK. Schools and Colleges must carry out additional checks for the teaching roles, this could be about their previous work conduct or any information that was issued by overseas teaching authority where they think is appropriate. Schools and Colleges must seek alternative methods that are sufficient when information is not provided by the overseas teaching authority. Sanctions and restrictions that will not prevent the individual from teaching in the UK imposed onto individuals must be considered when evaluating the suitability of employment. This evidence should be considered all together alongside other safeguarding checks so that any relevant events that occurred outside of the UK are considered. More information can be found in the Department for Education Guidance, Recruit teachers from overseas.

It is crucial that the changes made to legalisation are made aware to Schools and Colleges and carried out accordingly to ensure our children’s safety within their learning environment. Single Central Record as a company prioritises acting upon any changes to the safeguarding of children within education to keep your schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts safe and compliant.